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Finding Appropriate Titles And Authors For Teen Readers

By admin | September 15, 2011

We all want our children to enjoy reading and love literature. Although it can sometimes be quite harrowing to find appropriate material for our teens to read. Many individuals feel that many of the classics are too gritty or explicit for younger readers. Others feel that whatever the level of questionable material is in the classic works, these are invaluable in the development of sound, responsible adults.

There are some science fiction and fantasy/adventure novels that are well worth the purchase if one is serious about getting and keeping their teens reading. What many parents may run into is a plethora of research literature that really does not enumerate many titles or authors that would be appropriate for their teens. Many times the popular media and even the literary listings have given up on the idea of getting teenagers reading.

Although, there are many titles that are worth the time. Take for instance the book, A Wrinkle In Time. This has been a classic book that has captivated and entertained many generations of pre teens and teens. The series of books by JRR Tolkien are also a great place to look if one is seeking fantasy and adventure all rolled up into one great volume.

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